animation and games
JPMorgan-Chase US Open Twitter Campaign
I created this ad in Adobe After Effects for the U.S. Open Twitter Campaign in 2017. It played before showing clips from the Women’s Championship tennis matches. I storyboarded the project in Adobe Illustrator, and animated it in After Effects.
Elevator Animation
This project was for summer gathering at J.P. Morgan. I created all of the assets in Adobe Illustrator and animated it in After Effects.
My 2017 Demo Reel
This is my demo reel for 2017, highlighting my projects in game design and animation for 48 hour shootouts. Nanashi, the game I produced, received 2nd in the Student Expo in the Media Arts and Studies division in 2017. Seeds of friendship was a 48 hour game design project where I led art the direction and animation. The Reluctant Reaper was a 48 hour animation project I produced that won first place in the Ohio University 48 Hour Shootout in 2017. The Wolf Morph was a project I rotoscoped in Toon Boom. Hard Boiled was a Toon Boom animation where I animated the psychedelic egg scene.
Reluctant Reaper
The Reluctant Reaper was a 2017 Ohio University 48 hour shootout project that I produced that won first place. We were up against about 20 other teams, and it was the only animation. We had about 13 other students working on this project. I produced, led art direction, and animated scenes in this project. I chose a very simple, messy, crayon kind of art style so that it would be easier for all students to replicate it, because we were striving for consistency. We primarily animated this in After Effects with a few Toon Boom Effects and scenes. We were inspired by the show Rick and Morty, as far as the crude humor and writing of the dialogue.
Nanashi Play Through
Nanashi is a small game I produced in 2017 in one semester at Ohio University. We had about 7 students, including myself, for on this project. It won 2nd place in the Student Expo in the Media Arts and Studies division in 2017. It was created in Unity. I led the direction of the game, and the art direction. I was inspired by Japanese ink paintings for the style, and my love for the game Okami. I really wanted to create a visually stunning 2D platformer, and I had a wonderful team of students who felt the same way. I animated all of the fox movements in Toon Boom, drawing everything frame by frame. I also created the lineart and direction of the cutscene at the beginning. I was extremely pleased we were able to have cutscenes in a 4 month game project.
Seeds of Friendship
Seeds of Friendship was a cute 48 hour game jam I created with a small team in 2017. The theme was ‘waves’ so we created a ‘beat em up’ (later renamed ‘cheer em up’) style game where an orange orangutan waves at enemies to cheer them up. Everything is a fruit based animal hybrid. We created this game in Unity. I created the title screen, main character, and animations in Adobe Illustrator and After Effects.
Hard Boiled
Hard Boiled was a 3D & 2D 48 Hour animation project at Ohio University in 2017. I did frame by frame animation for the psychedelic egg scene.